The publishing content in collection BD TRT-MG is subject to the following rules shipping, storage, standardization and compliance, established by Resolution TRT3/GP/DJ No 6/2013:

   • the material to be published will include the evaluation of digital library manager and, where necessary, by the committee referred to in art. 11 of resolution above;

   • published content is the responsibility of (s) applicant (s) / author (s) and should be sent in PDF format to the e-mail ;

   • interested in publishing the book, book chapter , article, thesis, dissertation, speech, lecture or similar must authorize the publication through the Authorization Form for Publication in BD TRT-MG ;

   • publications in the collection "Intellectual Production Magistrates and servers", may include works with more than one author, requiring that at least one of them is the TRT3 of staff;

   • there is more than one author, each must send the completed Autoricação Temo and signed for e-mail the library;

   • the publication of expedient actions and technical nature of documents not included in the inaugural version of the BD TRT-MG is conditioned on the units responsible and the creation of its collection;

   • books, manuals, and similar doctrines published in the Digital Library are public access, safeguarding the provisions of Law n. 9,610, of February 19, 1998.

Frequently asked questions

1) Who can publish on the BD TRT- MG?

Units of the Labor Court of the 3rd Region, magistrates and servers, since the content of the material has legal nature / historical / scientific and is aligned with the institutional policy.

2) What type of materials accepted in BD TRT-MG

   • Administrative acts produced by the units of the TRT of the 3rd Region;

   • intellectual production of judges and employees of this Specialized Justice (books, book chapters, articles, theses and dissertations);

   • material produced per unit of the Regional (magazines, books, manuals, newspapers);

   • events (lectures, speeches and the like) performed by the institution;

   • other relevant documents to the judicial activity and interest of society

3) How to publish in BD TRT-MG?

The person concerned shall verify that the nature of the material you want to publish consistent with the content of any of the collections. They are part of the Digital Library. The material should be sent in PDF format to the e-mail

When it comes to book, book chapter, article, thesis, dissertation, speech, lecture or similar, must be sent to the e-mail of the Library, the Authorization Form for Publication in BD TRT-MG completed and signed.